WP Robot is a WordPress plugin designed to make it easy to create powerful autoblog sites quickly.WP Robot will allows you to autopost Amazon products, Articlebase articles, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads, Flickr images, Yahoo Answers Q&A;’s, Youtube videos, Yahoo news and external RSS feed on your blog by just entering the keyword you want the content to be posted.

In addition, Try WP Robot Today!” rel=”nofollow”>WP Robot can translate and rewrite any post that it creates. You can include your affiliate ID in any Amazon, Clickbank or eBay post to help monetize your blog.

WP Robot provides a comprehensive, fully customizable, and modular package enabling customers to select the best combination of software to meet all their needs. The software package includes 10 modules that offer an easy to use, powerful autoblog solution for WordPress blogs:

1. WP Robot Amazon Module

Automatically create Amazon product posts for any keyword you want to target in your niche.
Add REAL customer reviews to your blog posts as comments.
Posibility to scrape the full Amazon description including all tables and images.
2. WP Robot Article Module

Automatically post articles for any keyword you specify.
Templating system to change the look of your posts.
Option to include author box in posts.
3. WP Robot eBay Module

Create good looking eBay auction posts on any keywords you want.
Add up to 6 different auctions to a single post.
Editable post template and many other options.
4. WP Robot Clickbank Module

Free and included in every copy of WP Robot!
Automatically post Clickbank ads on your blog.
5. WP Robot Yahoo Answers Module

Post targeted questions from Yahoo Answers related to any topic and niche.
Adds all the answers of the question as comments to the created posts!
Filter questions by Yahoo Answers categories.
6. WP Robot Youtube Module

Add Youtube videos that might interest your readers to your blog without lifting a finger.
Retreives the Youtube comments and adds them as comments to your blog.
7. WP Robot Flickr Image Module

This module helps to add screnshots, images and other media on any topic from flickr.com to your blog automatically
Has customizable options, that includes choice of image size, licensing and sort mode.
It can add images to posts created by any of WP Robot’s other modules by the templating system.
8. WP Robot Yahoo News Module

Post targeted content from Yahoo News related to any topic and niche.
Choose from many different languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
Uses the official Yahoo News API (a free Yahoo Application ID is required to use this module).
Add up to 5 news stories in a single WordPress post.
9. WP Robot RSS Module

Post targeted content from any RSS Feed you can find to your blog on autopilot.
Posts the full article of the RSS feed (and not just a short description) if available!
If the module finds any it will also add all the comments available in the RSS feed (i.e. for WordPress blog feeds).
10. WP Robot Translation Module

The translation module is different from the rest: It does not add new content to your blog, but instead can translate any content created by other modules into many languages.
Works together with all other content modules!
Can translate posts in many different languages.
By translating multiple times (i.e. from English to Spaish to English) it can also create instant unique content!
The translation module uses the translation services from Google and Yahoo to translate posts automatically.
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SubmitEaze is one of the best directory submitters on the market today(maybe the best one) that will help you to submit your website to over 1000 article directories.Below, you can find pros and cons SubmitEaze as a result of my research about directory submitters and differences between them.

First, let’s start with pros of SubmitEaze directory submitter software.

Frequent Update: SubmitEaze gets updated at least once in 2 weeks. While using this software, you will not see any “dead” directories. And also, information about the directories is very accurate, including pagerank of the directories and other given details. The author of SubmitEaze removes dead directories and adds new directories to the list frequently. I tried other directory submitters before; the number of dead directories in their list is really high and as you be able to submit your website to 2 out of 20 directories you feel frustrated. But with SubmitEaze, since the software gets updated frequently you won’t find any dead directories.

Number of Directories: Number of the directories in SubmitEaze is over 1000. This is really great number, and with the help of SubmitEaze submission process becomes very fast.

Variation of The Anchor Text: As you may know, when you link to a website using only 1 keyword, then your links will be considered as spam links, and your efforts will be considered as search engine spamming – Remember, search engines don’t like search engine optimization, they want “Natural” links.

Demo and Tutorials Available for Free: You can now download SubmitEaze trial version and see the demonstration videos for FREE, for downloading the trial version you will be asked for your name and email.

Semi-Automatic: With automatic tools, you can’t submit to more than 100 directories – directory owners will prevent this from happening ASAP. The name Semi-Automatic submission may sound like slow process but it is not. SubmitEaze is a great time saver and every directory will not take more than 20 seconds to submit. Also, this way you seethe submission yourself. You can read testimonials and comments about SubmitEaze from forum users (DP and WF forums) by clicking the link below.

Categorized Directories: Some directories are paid, some require reciprocal links, and some accept websites only from certain niches, etc. all of those directories are categorized in SubmitEaze. Currently, there are about 15 types of niche directories in SubmitEaze.

Semi-Automatic: For some people it is pro, for some it is con. Personally, for me semi-automatic submission is PRO, because you see the process for every single website with your own eyes, but there are so many people that want it to be 100% automatic. Well, I have tried a lot of automatic tools, unfortunately I got error for at least 35% of the websites… if you were the owner of a website directory, I am sure you wouldn’t want your website get spammed by automatic tools and you would do anything to prevent marketers that doesn’t put value on a link from your directory to spam your website!

Pagerank of Sub-Categories: While the pagerank of the main website directory page may be 6 or 8 (out of 10), pagerank of sub categories aren’t that high, if the pagerank of the homepage is 4, then the pagerank of the sub category will be 2 or 3, or maybe 1. This way, you backlink will be from PR2 or PR3 page not PR4 page.

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There’s no denying it, social bookmarking is painfully boring. If you’re like me, you probably can’t even count the numerous hours you’ve dedicated to getting backlinks. You could have spent that time being far more productive. Social networking to drive more traffic to your site or writing new content for your site

(or possibly just enjoying a nice drink while you watch your favorite shows, we can’t be productive all the time).But instead you were stuck getting backlinks in hopes of better SERPs.
But there’s a nifty program called Social Bookmarking Demon that can automate the process and give you all that extra time to be more productive, or just enjoy the day (your kids would love having more time with you). Social Bookmarking Demon isn’t like most programs that simply spam your links, charge ridiculous monthly fees, only work with certain websites and regurgitate duplicate content.

That’s right, Social Bookmarking Demon is a much more versatile program. It’s designed to work with nearly any social bookmarking site including RSS feeds! Here’s a list of what Social Bookmarking Demon can do:

* Automatically create accounts
* Set up random log in names for account creations to minimize your “footprint”
* Schedule when you want Social Bookmarking Demon to create backlinks so you can be even less involved in your backlinking
* Store multiple accounts for each bookmarking site and Social Bookmarking Demon will randomly pick one to use when it goes to that site
* Disable accounts you don’t want used so you don’t have to delete the account and then re-add it when you want Social Bookmarking Demon to use that account again
* Automatically find thousands of bookmarking sites using the bookmarking script (Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, Pligg, PhpDug)
* Bookmark your URLs automatically (Social Bookmarking Demon will load your Meta tag details automatically)
* Randomize title, tags, and description
* Automatically verify email accounts
* Crawl RSS feeds
* Crawl domains
* Ping your profiles and websites
* Manage separate websites by creating multiple “projects”
* Randomize settings including which what percent of websites will be bookmarked and which tags will be used
* Camouflage already bookmarked sites by bookmarking RSS feeds
* Human simulation and anti-bot make it look like a real human is bookmarking your websites
* Multi-threading and random timing for faster but still human-like bookmarking
* Enable proxy servers to avoid bookmarking sites and search engines from noticing multiple bookmarks from a single IP address
* Automatically complete captchas (for a low fee) to make bookmarking even easier on you

What does all this mean for you? Your bookmarks will look legitimate and appear to be made by a real human, your IP won’t be banned from bookmarking websites (which will keep you moving at a good pace if you decide you want to do some bookmarks manually in future bookmarking), you won’t have duplicate content all over the internet (which would result in search engines ignoring your links), you don’t have to check your email at every new website, and much more! This program will result in you selling more products, more affiliate sales, more AdSense clicks, and -the obvious- more time for you to do other things.

Social Bookmarking Demon will give you an edge over your competition because while they’re building backlinks you can be building backlinks and writing new content or advertising your website. This is definitely one piece of software you don’t want to miss out on if really want to make money online!

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ArticleDemon Review for an Informed Decision Ask any search engine optimization specialist to share the proverbial bag of tricks and the first term you will hear is “article marketing”.

A powerful application called ArticleDemon has succeeded in automating the entire process not by just being able to make successful submissions to thousands of article directories but by keeping these submissions well within the bounds of the approval process. Here are a few reasons why this ArticleDemon review should help you arrive at a conscious decision regarding whether or not to use article marketing software to automate the entire supply chain.

ArticleDemon and its Fairyland Database

If you don’t know of many good places to submit your articles, not to worry. ArticleDemon comes with a default list of hundreds of good quality article directories. These directories have been meticulously screened by the developers of ArticleDemon. This ArticleDemon review would be incomplete if we didn’t tell you that you can add as many names and URLs of article directories as you please regardless of their popularity or page rank.

ArticleDemon and Article Directory Scripts

If you wish to submit your article to a few specific directories, ArticleDemon has you covered. Feel free to add an unlimited number of article directories that use scripts such as ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress.

Ease of use and Convenience

Get rid of drudgery a ssociated with article marketing by automating tasks through ArticleDemon. Most article marketing software applications automate one or two tasks, but leave the rest for you to manually complete. ArticleDemon goes and creates single or multiple accounts on article directories, associates single or multiple pen names with those accounts, downloads all the e-mail messages for one click account verification, and stores all the random passwords generated by these article directory websites. You can schedule everything– account creation, pen name creation and even article submission tasks.

ArticleDemon and Human Simulation

Many article directories don’t prefer high speed automated submissions and will ban your account if a substantial amount of activity is detected. ArticleDemon’s anti-bot mechanism is capable of throttling the speed at which your articles are uploaded to these directories. In this mode, ArticleDemon submits your content at the speed of a human being and thus succeeds in overriding the detection process.

Article Spinning

Almost all article marketing tools can spin your articles by replacing words or phrases with simple synonyms. However, that’s generally not enough for preventing spun versions being flagged as duplicate content by Google or good quality article directories. ArticleDemon not only lets you add your own rewritten multiple replacements following the spin syntax {original word | replacement word}, but also lets you choose other words and phrases from its synonyms database. Click a button and see the list of all the words and phrases in your article that have synonyms. Use the mass replace synonyms function to create spin syntax for all the words and create many distinct versions of your original article and never worry about the content being rejected by an article directory. Categorize all your synonyms into different niches so that you can select a specific niche based on the topic you are writing about. As an example, the word “coaching” has a different meaning in the context of education and a different meaning in the context of sports. Additionally, The program will solve captchas, validate e-mail addresses and process account confirmations. ArticleDemon is not a hosted solution and the application functions seamlessly in both Windows 7 and Windows XP environments.

Economy of Scale

Finally, we need to mention in our ArticleDemon review that this article marketing software saves you money. While most other article submitters charge a monthly fee adding another bill to your already growing pile, ArticleDemon is a single life time license purchase.
It even comes with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee within the first 60 days of purchase. Do you want to make yourself more productive .

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