What is Black Hat Seo??

Black Hats work in the clients’ interest, plus protecting and promoting self.
Black Hats insist on grey hats, and deny the existence of Black or White. Very, very few admit to owning a Black Hat, though many boast of their achievements. Go figure.
Black Hats would be prepared, willing and happy to deceive search engines (and thus search engine users) in client’s interest.
Black Hats may be willing to deceive the client about methods: “results are all”.
Black Hats see search engines as the enemy; deceit is the name of the game, SEs are constantly looking to expose trickery and penalize guilty sites.
Black Hats emphasize off-site methods, getting ‘bums on seats’, with the hope that a percentage will convert, or at least return by another route.
Black Hats emphasize rapid results, accept risks, confident of a new fix, as older tricks are neutralized.
Black Hats boast of income, but do not concede that this is arguably defrauded from displaced better sites, and deny potential illegality. They will not even discuss it.
Black Hats believe that ‘White Hats’ all secretly use ‘Black Hat’ techniques, and are all ‘holier than thou’ hypocrites.
Black Hats believe in the survival of the fittest, and have no time for wimps.
For Black Hats, it’s all about technique.