ArticleDemon – Review and analysis

ArticleDemon Review for an Informed Decision Ask any search engine optimization specialist to share the proverbial bag of tricks and the first term you will hear is “article marketing”.

A powerful application called ArticleDemon has succeeded in automating the entire process not by just being able to make successful submissions to thousands of article directories but by keeping these submissions well within the bounds of the approval process. Here are a few reasons why this ArticleDemon review should help you arrive at a conscious decision regarding whether or not to use article marketing software to automate the entire supply chain.

ArticleDemon and its Fairyland Database

If you don’t know of many good places to submit your articles, not to worry. ArticleDemon comes with a default list of hundreds of good quality article directories. These directories have been meticulously screened by the developers of ArticleDemon. This ArticleDemon review would be incomplete if we didn’t tell you that you can add as many names and URLs of article directories as you please regardless of their popularity or page rank.

ArticleDemon and Article Directory Scripts

If you wish to submit your article to a few specific directories, ArticleDemon has you covered. Feel free to add an unlimited number of article directories that use scripts such as ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress.

Ease of use and Convenience

Get rid of drudgery a ssociated with article marketing by automating tasks through ArticleDemon. Most article marketing software applications automate one or two tasks, but leave the rest for you to manually complete. ArticleDemon goes and creates single or multiple accounts on article directories, associates single or multiple pen names with those accounts, downloads all the e-mail messages for one click account verification, and stores all the random passwords generated by these article directory websites. You can schedule everything– account creation, pen name creation and even article submission tasks.

ArticleDemon and Human Simulation

Many article directories don’t prefer high speed automated submissions and will ban your account if a substantial amount of activity is detected. ArticleDemon’s anti-bot mechanism is capable of throttling the speed at which your articles are uploaded to these directories. In this mode, ArticleDemon submits your content at the speed of a human being and thus succeeds in overriding the detection process.

Article Spinning

Almost all article marketing tools can spin your articles by replacing words or phrases with simple synonyms. However, that’s generally not enough for preventing spun versions being flagged as duplicate content by Google or good quality article directories. ArticleDemon not only lets you add your own rewritten multiple replacements following the spin syntax {original word | replacement word}, but also lets you choose other words and phrases from its synonyms database. Click a button and see the list of all the words and phrases in your article that have synonyms. Use the mass replace synonyms function to create spin syntax for all the words and create many distinct versions of your original article and never worry about the content being rejected by an article directory. Categorize all your synonyms into different niches so that you can select a specific niche based on the topic you are writing about. As an example, the word “coaching” has a different meaning in the context of education and a different meaning in the context of sports. Additionally, The program will solve captchas, validate e-mail addresses and process account confirmations. ArticleDemon is not a hosted solution and the application functions seamlessly in both Windows 7 and Windows XP environments.

Economy of Scale

Finally, we need to mention in our ArticleDemon review that this article marketing software saves you money. While most other article submitters charge a monthly fee adding another bill to your already growing pile, ArticleDemon is a single life time license purchase.
It even comes with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee within the first 60 days of purchase. Do you want to make yourself more productive .

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