Black Hat SEO Technique

As the Internet marketplace has grown increasingly more competitive,companies and webmasters continue to search for new and improved ways to appear highly in the displayed results of search engines.

Some people and companies are willing to do whatever it takes to get ranked, and therefore end up delving into the world of black hat SEO technique.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

1. Black hat SEO is any search engine optimization technique or strategy that is against the stated or implied terms of the search engines. It’s the practice of fooling the search engine and its algorithm into giving your site or page a higher ranking. Black hat SEO typically produces quick, short-term results. However in the long term, sites capitalizing on black hat strategies typically become banned or blocked from search engine indexes.

Black hat SEO techniques aren’t illegal, but they are both risky and illicit. Some companies believe the quick results are worth the risk, or believe that their new strategies won’t be discovered. Meanwhile, Google and the other major search engines have been known to come down harsh on suspected or proven black hat companies and websites.

Examples of Black Hat SEO Technique

2. A variety of black hat search engine optimization strategies are used today. One example is including text on your webpage that is the same color as the background. The text is therefore hidden from visitors but visible to search engines, which can then use the text to rank and classify a particular page. This is an extension of basic keyword stuffing strategies, in which a webmaster excessively includes keywords and keyword phrases onto their pages.

Another example of black hat SEO is page cloaking. Page cloaking involves having two versions of each page, or a particular page on your site. One page is shown only to actual visitors, while the other version is “shown” only to the search engines.

Link farming is another black hat SEO technique. A link farm is having a large number of different websites that all link to each other. This is an attempt to take advantage of the importance of incoming links as a factor for determining site credibility — measured in Google as PageRank. Some black hat SEO practitioners actually “sell” PageRank, by selling outward links from their high ranking pages.

While most black hat SEO is used to gain a high ranking in the search engines, other techniques are used to help spread viruses around the web and redirect search engine traffic to pages that visitors did not intend to visit.