It is no hidden secret that the first decade of the 21st century often described by experts as the decade of Internet commerce has witnessed unprecedented growth in the online e-commerce space. More than $29 billion changed hands in 2009 over the Internet through online commerce transactions with the figure expected to go up 22% this year when final reports come in after Christmas. It is no wonder that Internet profits, according to ComScore, touched a record $900 million within a 24-hour period on December 15, 2008.

As anyone might justifiably expect, Mr. Google, the emperor of the online space, had something to do with it. You all have heard about Adsense and Adwords. However, there is something called the Google Affiliate Network which, if leveraged correctly, can help you rejoice all the way to your bank and some more. In this brief report, we tell you what the CPA Google Affiliate Network is and how you can generate passive income that has the potential of turning into a mighty waterfall from a gentle stream.

What is the Google Affiliate Network

You will recall that Google has a stated business strategy of taking over successful companies that demonstrate future potential. Urchin Software became Google Analytics, You Tube became Google You Tube and a little known NGO trying to build a trustworthy Internet directory much like and became DMOZ. The list is rather long and since you are here to read about the Google Affiliate Network and not read a textbook chapter on Google 101, we will leave that discussion for another day tempting as it might sound.

Google took over a relatively unknown company called DoubleClick which ran a little known cost-per-action or CPA network called Performics in direct head-to-head competition with Amazon’s Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. A CPA network, simply put, is an affiliate network in which publishers—website owners who wish to make money online through affiliate marketing—receive a commission each time an online visitor performs a clearly defined action. This may include but is not limited to completing a marketing survey, applying for an insurance policy, applying for a credit card—you get the picture. On June 30, 2008, google renamed DoubleClick’s Performics affiliate network and we all know it today as the GAN or the Google Affiliate Network.

Signing up for Google’s CPA Affiliate Network

Becoming a member of Google’s CPA Affiliate Network is not as easy as 1-2-3 as you might expect. The number of prerequisites and eligibility conditions you need to fulfill is rather long but by no means complicated. Since thousands of Internet marketers, in their ongoing attempts to increase web traffic, have smoothly graduated to GAN membership status, you too can become a contender. Here are a few of the major eligibility conditions you will need to fulfill:

Up and Running Google Adsense Membership

The Google Affiliate Network was recently integrated into the Adsense network by Google to make it easy for publishers (affiliate marketers) to manage both accounts seamlessly. You therefore need to own an Adsense-supported website to apply to Google’s make money online GAN platform. Unlike Adsense, you can choose which advertisers you wish to represent and on which page you intend to showcase them through banner ads, text ads or a combination of both. Advertisement displays on Google’s CPA affiliate network are not context-sensitive. You are welcome to rotate them though after checking out the advertiser’s ad banner and text link inventory. Simply paste the code on your HTML source pages, test, tweak and upload. Although not compulsory, Google would like you to provide a short review, preferably positive, of the CPA advertiser you are planning to plug on your website.

Complete Adherence to Google’s Adsense and GAN Terms and Conditions

There are no hidden secrets in either set of terms and conditions. You need to remain honest and transparent at all times. You are not permitted to support anti-social activities on your website or indulge in any unethical practices even remotely so, and so on. Remember that Big Brother Google is always watching you and looking very quietly over your shoulder. This is great for us because it keeps the riff raff out of the Google Affiliate Network or any other Internet-based money-making value proposition for that matter thus instilling that much needed credibility among our target audience of global site visitors.

A Superior CPA Affiliate Network than every other Kid on the Block

Although this report has been prepared with publishers in mind and a quick follow-up report will be presented exclusively for advertisers, you need to know why we believe that Google’s CPA Affiliate Network is the best. Here are our reasons and we are sure you will find more as you apply and subsequently reap the phenomenal benefits of GAN membership status:


The Google Affiliate Network is as transparent as it can be. As an advertiser, you know precisely who your publishers are—their entire Google analytics record, traffic counts, visitor ratios, bounce rates, you name it. Similarly, publishers can thoroughly check out an advertiser prior to submitting an application to become a CPA affiliate. The GAN platform provides both advertisers and publishers with the never-before option to check each other out thoroughly so that the business relationship can commence smoothly from the same page.

Seamless Monetization

Your GAN payment account is 100% secure as it is combined with your Adsense account. There are no third parties or intermediaries processing your payments. It’s strictly between Google and you. The added convenience of timely payments based on a preset schedule makes GAN membership a highly attractive value proposition.

Steadily Increasing Network of Advertisers

There have been a few rumblings recently leading prospective publishers to believe that unlike Commission Junction or ClickBank, Google’s CPA Affiliate Network isn’t large enough. Technically, this is true to a certain extent. Having said that, you will notice that the advertiser sign-ups on GAN have been rapidly gaining momentum in the recent past. The exercise is well worth the wait.

Completed Action versus Triggered Action

Many of the CPA affiliate networks do not generate commissions and affiliate income unless an action leads to a sale. In other words, you don’t get paid unless an insurance application is monetized through a sale by the insurance company in spite of the fact that you generated the lead. This is not the case with Google’s CPA Affiliate Network. You are paid referral incentives for having generated a lead and there is no upper limit to how many leads you are allowed to generate as long as each lead you generate through an action is 100% legitimate and above board—a condition that Google monitors 24X7.

Support for both CPA and CPC Revenue Models

The Google Affiliate Network helps you make money online in two ways. Once you increase web traffic to your content website, you are at liberty to choose which affiliates you can represent. CPC links generate online profits when a sales transaction is completed while CPA links help you make money online when an action is completed thereby generating a lead for the advertiser.


Is the Google Affiliate Network right for you? We believe so. Even if you are new to the exciting world of making money online and passive income, you can still participate because the playing field is as level as it can be. Start out by building a content rich website in a niche that is both marketable and interests you. Increase web traffic through organic search engine rankings, social media and Google Adwords if your pocket book allows you to do so. Apply for Adsense once your traffic reaches respectable limits after waiting for at least three months. Stay with Google Adsense for another three months so that you have great Google Analytics to report to Google. Finally, apply for membership into the exclusive GAN Club and you are probably set for life.

One of the youngest babies of Google’s family of products, Knol is a reference site that contains articles penned by the contributors on a plethora of subjects. Knol is a project of Google, released on July 23, 2008, and is currently in a beta stage. According to Google, Knol means a unit of knowledge.

The term “Knol” is used to refer to the project as well as any article published in it.This might be a bit confusing, but you’ll gain a better understanding of Knol once you visit the website. In order to learn how you can increase website traffic with Google Knol, you will first have to understand how Knol works which is precisely what we intend doing here.

A New Kid on the Encyclopedia Block

Is Google Knol any different from the usual knowledge hubs like Wikipedia, Squidoo Lens, Helium or Hub Pages? You bet it is! Google randomly authenticates the author’s identity and credentials through e-mail and phone calls. It is also different from the other knowledge repositories in that the levels of scholarship Knol strives to achieve are lofty. Many submissions are even five thousand words long. They are substantiated with tons of references pointing to a variety of online and offline sources.

Feature Rich and Highly Informative

Google Knol’s stated mission is to present to its readership accurate and relevant information that is of very high quality. Other features of Knol:

Places special importance on the author’s view and perspective in the article
Enables multiple articles to be written on the same topic
Hands over the editorial control and responsibility to the author
Allows for hosting AdSense banners based on a unique revenue sharing model
Invites feedback from readers through ratings, comments, suggested edits, and reviews
Over 100,000 submissions to date in Knol
We believe that in order to find multiple articles with identical titles on Knol, Google’s famous search function should be used rather than monotonously browsing through the titles.

Google has left all the editing options with the contributor. The author can close any editing, allow the co-authors to edit, or enable the public to edit.

Have something to say about the Knol that you just cannot keep to your self? You are free to provide feedback, even if the Knol is closed for editing. This is done through rating, comments, and reviews.

Content Submission Guidelines

Google has released specific guidelines that address what can and cannot be published as a Knol. It prohibits material that deals in pornography, violence, discrimination, intolerance and copyright violation. These are things you shouldn’t be doing any way if you wish to Increase website traffic with Google Knol.

Nofollow Policy

Google marks a number of pages with in the Knol project with the “nofollow” directive. This implies that the links with these web pages are not crawled by search engine spiders. This policy has changed into a “follow” directive for a number of trusted authors. More on this in a moment.

A Truckload of Benefits for the Knol User

Take a look, and you just might be surprised!
Pages and pages of rich content with no end in sight
Ability to earn quick cash with your Knol submission through Google AdSense
Better quality articles at your fingertips
Personalized pieces with the focus on authorship
Plenty of choices among different articles on a single topic
Freedom for you to rate, comment, or suggest an editorial intervention
The power of Google behind each Knol
Watch out Wikipedia and Others
Knol has been compared to, Squidoo Lens, Associated Content and Hub Pages. It is also a possible rival to Wikipedia and Scholarpedia. Unlike sites such as Wikipedia, you can truly benefit from the personal insights of the author along with the Knol submission made by the author. Adding the author name to Knol content lends a unique personality to the article. This is in direct contrast to Wikipedia that carries a neutral point of view. The policy of uploading multiple articles on a single topic will encourage better quality standards, as different Knols will compete for higher ranking in Google results. Wikipedia, on the other hand stresses on one page per topic.

The option of maintaining closed Knol, or Knols editable only by co-authors eliminates the threat of defacement of content. Needless to say, this threat is always there in peer-driven reference sites. Now, you don’t need to worry about any one editing your Knol without your knowledge even if your primary objective of contributing to Knol is to increase website traffic with Google Knol.

Knol the Robust Traffic Builder

Google Knol carries the enormous potential of being a first rate traffic builder for your website. However, there are a number of caveats. First, Google has openly stated that the nofollows will be used abundantly on all submissions unless the author builds a large following and a positive reputation on Knol. Google Knol may not be able to generate valuable back links for you in the first round. However, building and boosting high quality targeted website traffic is a whole different story. The resource box at the end of each Knol has the potential of becoming a traffic block buster. Remember, most Google Knol pages carry a PR rating of five and if you make it to the front page of Google Knol, the PR is a mighty seven! Contract the services of a top notch content developer to write a Knol for you if you don’t believe you are qualified to do justice to your niche through thought provoking and insightful submissions. Therefore, do consider Knolling at least once to see how many new traffic numbers you can touch in one go!

Different organizations, both online and offline, have different ways of communicating with their audience. The audience usually includes customers, prospects, resellers, distributors, the media, or simply those who drop in out of sheer curiosity. Some communicate through newsletters, e-mail and forums in a vibrant age of Web 2.0 social interactivity.

Others choose to remain traditional and communicate the old fashioned way with brochures, radio and television. And there are those who do not communicate with their customers at all and then sob vehemently when their customers walk away looking for greener pastures. Google is unique. It uses Blogs to communicate with you. If you have never visited a Google Blog, it is perhaps time that you do.

Using Google Blogs to Increase Website Traffic

The best way to maximize website traffic on your website is to closely follow what Google has to say about page rank, position in the SERPs and link popularity. Blogs such as the Website Optimizer Blog and the Webmaster Central Blog are absolutely must reads for you and you should read them daily without fail. Take careful notes and implement the various recommendations and you will notice the difference on your website in less than four weeks. Although there is no data available on how many of Google’s official Blogs have no follows in the comments section, it doesn’t hurt to comment constructively on Blog entries along with your website URL. Remember, however, that your comments should be meaningful, relevant and constructive.

Finally, if you believe that one or more of Google’s official Blogs contains information that might interest your site visitors, summarize this information under a News and Events section on your website and upload it regularly. Be sure to credit the data correctly.

Use Google Blogs to learn, to share and to boost traffic on; your website. And so here is the list:

List of 76 Official Google Blogs and Growing

The official Google Blog Google experts from the company provide insights into Google’s products and their use for you
Webmaster Central Blog The official blog on crawling and indexing sites for Google’s flagship search engine
Google Affiliate Network Blog News, views and announcements for both Google affiliate network publishers and advertisers
Google Analytics Blog The latest intelligence on resources from the Google analytics team and a must read for you
Official AdSense Blog An important source of information and announcements regarding the Google Adsense advertising program
Official AdWords Blog This is Google’s official Blog about the Google Adwords advertising program
Website Optimizer Blog Optimize your website for Google’s search engine with critical insights from this official Blog
Conversion Room Blog Tips and tricks on tracking and improving conversions online
Google book search Blog This gives you news from Google’s book search team
Google Checkout Blog Google Checkout assists online entrepreneurs and has a unique program for non-profit organizations So check out this site
Google Chrome Blog This Blog presents Announcements and discussions for Google’s Internet browser
Google Custom search Blog If you experience difficulty in using Google search or simply want to learn, here is the Blog for you
Google Desktop Blog The official source of announcements and information from the Google Desktop team, an application package from Google
Google Docs Blog Tips, pointers, news and general information about Google Docs
Google Enterprise Blog A really informative Blog on enterprise information, user strategy, search, improvement tips and various Google apps
AdSense for Feeds This unique Blog will help you publish and generate revenue through RSS feeds on your content publishing website, under-utilized feature so do check it out
Google Finance Blog The Google finance team provides not just news but also opinions and analysis in order to improve your net worth
Google Gmail Blog This Blog has a host of tricks and tips to help you become a power user of Google’s popular web mail service called Gmail
Research Blog A great place for you to find the latest information on Google’s Research endeavors directly from Google
Student Blog News about Google with specific relevance to the student community
Google Testing Blog The official Google Blog to test, mock-test, conduct third party tests prior to final product roll out blog This gives you news and advance notice about Google’s philanthropic and CSR programs
Recharge IT Blog This site is about renewable energy, its use and emerging technologies
Google Base Blog This Blog covers a wide range of subjects directly related to Google and its various services
Blogger buzz Blog Technical site for those users who use Google’s blogging application
Google Earth Blog Valuable insights for you by the Google geography team
Google Mobile Blog Updates for you on mobile usage from the Google team
Google News Blog The official Blog from the team at Google News with tons of tips on news search and other features
Google Notebook Blog While existing users will be supported, this product is going to be discontinued from July, 2009
Google Orkut Blog This is your online guide to remain active in Google’s Web 2.0 space through social networking
Picasa blog This Blog is for photo archival buffs
Google Video Blog Learn all you want about video optimization from Google
Google You Tube Blog The official Blog for all the technology related to You Tube, the premier video sharing site from Google
Product Ideas Blog Innovative and cutting edge ideas from the Google product team usually announced here first
Mashup Editor Blog The official source of information about the Google Mashup Editor scheduled to be discontinued by July 2009
Open Source Blog This Blog provides critical insights and news about Google’s open source projects
Open Social API Blog This is the perfect website for you if you plan to organize social events on the Internet
Orkut Developer Blog This is where you can learn about announcements, new APIs, updates and events related to the Orkut social network developer platform
SketchUp API Blog This blog brings you news from Google’s SketchUp development team and is a must for SketchUp users
Consumer Packaged Goods Blog News from Google’s consumer packaged goods ideal for the home maker
Google Grants Blog This blog brings you news and important announcements from the Google grants team
Traditional Media Blog This is where you can get important news from Google’s TV, print and audio teams
Public Policy Blog This contains Google’s opinions on government plans and strategy
Mac Blog Google’s open source search tool for Macs and much more
Online Security Blog The latest news and alerts from Google on Internet security
Open Source Blog An important source of announcements, news and discussions about Google’s Open Source projects
AdWords API Blog The official source for keyword match type and keyword tool search
AJAX Search API blog Your official source on the AJAX Search API
Android Developers Blog Google’s official Blog which brings you information on the Open Handset Alliance Project which supports equal access to mobile telephony
App Engine Blog Tips and news from the Google App Engine Team
Code Blog The official Google code Blog for advanced level developers
Data APIs Blog Your official source for news, tips and tricks for the Google data application program interface
Google Reader Blog Information source for those interested in the Google Reader
Google Sites Blog The official word from Google about migrating to Google sites and much more
SketchUp Blog The Blog about communicating with Google Earth and updates on the new products introduced
Google talk Blog Google’s official Blog about voice, IM and open communication with Google Talk as the primary platform
Desktop APIs Blog Your one-stop source for Google Desktop APIs and help from like minded developers
Gadgets API Blog If you are developing gadgets then this site is a must visit
Gears API Blog Here you can keep up to date with gears geolocation APIs and learn about their implementation
Geo Developers Blog Google’s official Geo Developers Blog about all things terrestrial
iGoogle Developer Blog A source for enhancement of API changes and everything pertaining to iGoogle’s personalization initiative
Web Toolkit Blog Work on the web with a toolkit and learn more about it from this Blog from Google
Geo-centric Blogs

Many of Google’s blogs address the online search and other needs of a specific country or region. Here they are:

Latin America Blog

Africa Blog

Australia Blog

Brazil Blog

China Blog

Czech Republic Blog

India Blog

Italy Blog

Japan Blog

Korea Blog

Poland Blog

Russia Blog

Ukraine Blog

“Increase website traffic with Google blogs and watch the inundation!

Looking for the most comprehensive list of Google blogs on the Internet?

Google talks… we listen”

Google’s Affiliate Network has grown big and has now more advertisers to choose from. Affiliate marketing as you know is one excellent form of making money online and best of all, you do not have to worry about virtually anything. Promote a product or service, get it to convert and eventually receive a commission.

As with any other affiliate network, there comes a time when it starts to be difficult to choose which product or services one will be promoting. Promoting companies as a whole is not targeted (unless they only offer one or two services, such as web hosting) and you may not be very successful in generating any sale as it is not specific. Targeting specific products or services may perform better and can blend much easier either within your blogs topic or for a specific post or review you are writing. Recently, a feature called product search, has been introduced into Google’s Affiliate Network. This is slightly different from the main product search service that Google offers as it is tailored specifically to find products or services within the affiliate network. This feature combined with Google’s Insight For Search can be a powerful tool when choosing the right product you will be promoting.

How To Find Targeted products Or Services?
Say I have a blog which is about Digital Camera reviews. I can simply join advertisers from the network that sells Videos, Cameras and related accessories and send a link for people to browse around their huge list of items. Rather than doing that, I would prefer to see what people are actually searching for and be more specific, building a link that directs them directly to the product they might be more interested in. This way, there is a much greater possibility that it may convert. Here is how I will do it.

First. I head over to Google’s Insight For Search. I’ll enter the search term “camera” and filter it for, products only, within the US, and for the last 30 days. Here are the results (query done today).

By looking at the results, I immediately see that the top search term for the period I have queried is “digital camera”. On the right hand side of the report, I see that the rising trend (a whopping 200%) for the query I have made is “Pentax Digital Camera”. Heading back to Google’s affiliate network search option I type in “Pentax Camera” and do a search.

From the results found, all I have to do now is select a product and promote it. Obviously, there is a possibility that you won’t find a product or service within the network. If that happens, you can always use any other affiliate network you are working with. This method when applied will allow you to promote more targeted products or services while at the same time promote the advertiser’s other available items. In either cases, if it converts, you make a sale and earn your commission.

Gogoogledocsogle Docs is free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form, and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users.

Google Docs is Google’s “software as a service” version of an office suite.

Documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations can be created within the application itself, imported through the web interface, or sent via email. They can also be saved to the user’s computer in a variety of formats (ODF, HTML, PDF, RTF, Text, Microsoft Word). By default, they are saved to the Google servers.

Opened documents are automatically saved to prevent data loss, and a revision history is automatically kept. Documents can be tagged and archived for organizational purposes. The service is officially supported on recent versions of the Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome browsers running on Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux operating systems

Google Docs serves as a collaborative tool for editing amongst users and non-users in real time. Documents can be shared, opened, and edited by multiple users at the same time. In the case of spreadsheets, users can be notified of changes to any specified regions via e-mail. The application supports the ISO standard OpenDocument format.

It also includes support for proprietary formats such as .doc and .xls as well as support for .docx and .xlsx

Google Docs is one of many cloud computing document-sharing services. The majority of document-sharing services require user fees, whereas Google Docs is free. Its popularity amongst businesses is growing due to enhanced sharing features and accessibility.

In addition, Google Docs has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity among students and educational institutions.