Google Affiliate Network – Building Specific Links

Google’s Affiliate Network has grown big and has now more advertisers to choose from. Affiliate marketing as you know is one excellent form of making money online and best of all, you do not have to worry about virtually anything. Promote a product or service, get it to convert and eventually receive a commission.

As with any other affiliate network, there comes a time when it starts to be difficult to choose which product or services one will be promoting. Promoting companies as a whole is not targeted (unless they only offer one or two services, such as web hosting) and you may not be very successful in generating any sale as it is not specific. Targeting specific products or services may perform better and can blend much easier either within your blogs topic or for a specific post or review you are writing. Recently, a feature called product search, has been introduced into Google’s Affiliate Network. This is slightly different from the main product search service that Google offers as it is tailored specifically to find products or services within the affiliate network. This feature combined with Google’s Insight For Search can be a powerful tool when choosing the right product you will be promoting.

How To Find Targeted products Or Services?
Say I have a blog which is about Digital Camera reviews. I can simply join advertisers from the network that sells Videos, Cameras and related accessories and send a link for people to browse around their huge list of items. Rather than doing that, I would prefer to see what people are actually searching for and be more specific, building a link that directs them directly to the product they might be more interested in. This way, there is a much greater possibility that it may convert. Here is how I will do it.

First. I head over to Google’s Insight For Search. I’ll enter the search term “camera” and filter it for, products only, within the US, and for the last 30 days. Here are the results (query done today).

By looking at the results, I immediately see that the top search term for the period I have queried is “digital camera”. On the right hand side of the report, I see that the rising trend (a whopping 200%) for the query I have made is “Pentax Digital Camera”. Heading back to Google’s affiliate network search option I type in “Pentax Camera” and do a search.

From the results found, all I have to do now is select a product and promote it. Obviously, there is a possibility that you won’t find a product or service within the network. If that happens, you can always use any other affiliate network you are working with. This method when applied will allow you to promote more targeted products or services while at the same time promote the advertiser’s other available items. In either cases, if it converts, you make a sale and earn your commission.