In early 1996, Google was informally launched merely as an ambitious experiment by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two graduate students pursuing doctoral programs at Stanford University in California, USA. They believed that the planet was indeed ready for a better digital mousetrap in the form of a reliable search engine that showed relevant results in a timely manner without confusing the Internet user.

Subsequently, In 1998,the two aspiring Internet entrepreneurs went on a hard disk buying binge and were miraculously able to buy one terabyte of hard disk drives at a price they could afford. Larry’s dorm room at Stanford University became the Almighty Google’s first data center and the rest is history which we would like to share with you on our website!

WELCOME TO Google Traffic!

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[/content] {/jatooltips} is all about the Google world of Internet miracles and how you can boost qualified and targeted traffic on your website using the Google treasure trove. While on the one hand, Google helps you rank on its search engine results through both paid and organic inclusion, on the other, Google provides an incredibly vibrant and ever-expanding array of products and services for both individual users and companies which possess the in-built potential of increasing website traffic if and when leveraged creatively. This site is all about:

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