How to Find Good Domain Name Investments

#1 The Domain ExtensionCurrently there are dozens of different extensions for domains. From com, to net to org, to just about one for every country on the globe, it can get quite confusing. So which domain extensions are the most valuable? Without a doubt.com’s have the highest values. This is for several reasons. First and foremost, almost all large corporations use the.com version of a domain. This has caused this extension to be programmed into the minds of millions, if not billions of internet users as the defacto domain ending. This means that if you get a.net.org, or any other extension your repeat visitors will likely go to the.com version of your page because of the inherited authority of this extension. Note that some country code extensions like.co.uk in the United Kingdom, and.de in Germany are hot geodomain extensions for those particular regions, often hotter the even.com.

#2 Natural Traffic a Domain Name ReceivesWhen evaluating a domains worth, any natural type in traffic a name receives will increase the value of that domain. For instance if you have a generic word in the.com extension, it is possible that you may get traffic from people looking for information on that generic word. You can then park this page while holding it and earn a per click income on a daily basis. Generic termed domains with traffic can fetch 10 times it’s yearly parked income in addition to its core value.

#3 Ease to RememberOften you see domain names which are long, boring, and have “-’s�? within them. If you are looking for an investment grade domain, you do not want something that is not memorable. A “-�? within a domain name will often be looked over and instead of “My-website,�? the visitor will likely type in “MyWebsite�? without the “-�?. With tens of millions of domain names registered, those that are simple and easy to remember by their target audiences, will be the ones to hold, and gain value.

#4 Possible Trademark InfringementsIf you domain name uses words or a word that is a trademark, than you could be in danger of the trademark owner filing a WIPO case against it and thus usually taking the name from you. Be careful, and search Google for trademarks before investing in a domain name. I have seen 0,000 domain names be taken from the owners without compensation because of vague trademark disputes.

In conclusion, you should always use these above guidelines as well as comparing potential investment domains to others that have sold recently. The domain investment industry is growing, and so will the prospects of high returns.

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