New Domain Or Aged Domains Know Which One is Betternd big websites.

New or Expired Domains

This website traffic is very important for your web site as it helps you to get necessary sales thus profits. But when it comes to getting top page ranking on various Search Engines for your website, then let me tell you that it is not easy job to do. It may look simpler but there are multiple factors and algorithm that run in the back end which determines the page ranking and listing of your web site on various Search Engines. In this article, I would explain you various factors that determine your web site page ranking.

The first and foremost thing that the Search Engine’s algorithm looks for is how aged domain you have. This means that the old your domain name is the better it is. It actually gives the Search Engine an impression of longevity. When the Search Engine realizes that a domain name is active for long then it gives that particular domain a higher relevance against a new domain. One thing which you can do is to buy a domain name well in advance so that when you actually start your business your domain name is already 6 or 8 months old. This way customer will have stronger faith in you as they would see an aged domain name and thus would be eager to do business with you.

To consider age of a domain, Search Engine looks in for two main factors. The first factor is the age of your website. Many times Search Engines puts a domain in a cell which is commonly known in the industry as “Sandbox”. This holding of the domain in Sandbox can stretch to about 3-4 months or even longer. I would be discussing more about it later in the article. The second factor that is critical to determine the age of a domain is how old your domain is or you can say the time length since your domain was registered.

Broadly I can say that the age of a website depends on the time website is on web, by the time web site actually had content in it and by the time web site actually had been last updated or prompted.

Search Engine also considers the when and how long the domain was registered. This means the longer domain registration time like 2, 3 or even more than that, the more relevancy Search Engine will give to your web site. This is one out of many small little things that we normally consider irrelevant and don’t pay much attention on but these unimportant looking things can actually affect our page ranging in Search Engine results greatly.

I recently found out something exciting and new that Google has implemented in their algorithm to calculate the page ranking. Excited to know what? Let me tell you. Google has recently made an additional change in their algorithm to calculate page ranking and they now look in for the incoming links to your web site in order to calculate the page ranking of your web site. Apart from this there have been many other changes that have been made in the Google’s algorithm however this is not the right place to discuss. I would discuss about these things in other article.

Previously I was talking about ‘Sandbox’; let us now discuss more about it. Sandbox effect is one such way in which Search Engines minimizes Search Engine spam. When the Search Engine puts your web site in the cell for 3-4 months, it actually is seeing whether your web site will still be online or will it go offline. If the web site goes offline , this means that web site is spam else after the 3-4 months time frame, Search Engine starts to list your web site.

Every web site need to go through the Sandbox effect before it is listed on Search Engine results. When your web site is in Sandbox, you can do a lot of things rather than just waiting for your web site to be release for listing. You can utilize this time and write articles related to your web site and can then post them on various blogs, forums and article submission directories. You can also set up your web site links by setting up incoming and outgoing links or can even try setup Pay per Click on your website. All in all if you utilize your Sandbox time effectively and pay attention towards promoting your web site then you may even come out with a decent Page Rank. This will also increase website traffic and you would surely get visitors to your web sites.

There is no point in getting discouraged when your new domain is undergoing Sandbox penalty phase. This happens with aged domain also. Just keep on working towards increasing your website traffic by promoting it and your hard work will surely pay off.

If you do not want to wait and stay unlisted on Search Engine results while the Sandbox Penalty phase is on, then you can even go in for an aged domain that would have passed this penalty phase. However most of the pre owned domain which have Page Ranking will cost you more than a new domain. The cost of aged domain will vary on the page ranking of the domain.

It is very important for you to look in for the domain age. Apart from looking in for your web site domain name you should also keep a track of your competitor’s web site domain age. If your competitor has a much older domain name than yours then he/she might just have an extra edge as compared to you on the Search Engines result listing.

At the end I would conclude by saying that it is always better to register your domain in advance. I would personally suggest that you should have a domain name which is at least 5 to 10 years old, as it will show Search Engine that you have long term plans of staying. This will also help you get a good Page Ranking. Hence, register your new domain well in advance and experience increase website traffic.