What is WordPress? How Can I Make Money?

What are the Various WordpPress Benefits? Know All About WordPress?

Do you blog? Do you have a blog where you write your heart out? There was a time when people use to consider blogging as insane but time changes and with it there has been a change in the mind set of people. Now-a-days blogging is considered as the most popular activity online. The various reasons for such a high popularity of blogging are doing blogging is fun, you write what you want to without the fear of anyone and blogging has proved to be a good method to earn extra money.

When you can do so much using blogging like earn money, expressing yourself then there is no reason why it should not have become as much popular as it is now. With this increasing interest of people into blogging, many blog providers have come up to offer services. There was a time when people who want to create or update their blog had a lot of difficulties, but now designer blog templates and widgets have been launched by many blog providers to woe blog makes to register and create blog using their services.

If you love blogging then you must have heard of WordPress. It is actually blog software that provides you with multiple blog designers and templates, widgets, forums, poll options and so on. These are just few WordPress benefits, there are many more to be added. Basically, WordPress helps a blogger by making his/her blogging job easier, simpler, appealing and attractive. It provides wide range of tools that make blogging hassle free, as it has one of the powerful publishing platforms so you can easily make and publish your blog to be viewed by other internet users.

You can use WordPress on any web hosting service as it is software and not merely a blog hosting service provider. This gives WordPress complete flexibility to be hosted anywhere. You would be surprised to know that WordPress doesn’t have a hosting service of its’ own. But then too many bloggers want to build a website using WordPress. This is because its’ platform is quick, reliable, light and top of all completely free of cost.

Let me tell you some more WordPress benefits and what exactly are the reasons which excite bloggers to use it. As already explained, you can use WordPress practically on any blog hosting. WordPress is designed in such a way that you can install it practically on any location, server, and hosting provider. This provides blogger a complete control of the blog thus making the experience completely different than what other hosting providers give.

Another WordPress benefit to be highlighted is that you can install it on your local machine and then can even set up and run your company intranet on it and thus can extend the blogging experience at multiple locations.

If you are thinking, does WordPress make money then let me tell you my friend, it is true. You can earn anywhere from $0.10 to $0.15 per click through advertisements posted on your blog. This earning technique is called PPC or Pay per Click. When somebody visits you blog and click on an advertisement posted their then you get paid for it. So the more attractive your blog is, the more will be the visitors on it and better will be the chances of being clicked and when you get clicked you earn, so all in all more money.

My personal advice to all bloggers would be that you should not simply create a blog seeing what others have made. You should first find out what things interest you and then pick a topic and create a blog. Make your own footsteps and don’t simply follow what others have done. You can write a blog on movies, food, on various products and services and so on. You have so many niches to choice from so find out the topic that you would love to blog about and are passionate about and then start blogging. When you blog passionately, you find out multiple ways through which you can en-cash your passion and thus money will follow.

You can even manage the accessibility level on your blog for different computer users using the various reliable and effective WordPress User Management services. You also get benefit of controlling the level of rights given to the user. This means if you want a particular user to be able to only see your blog but cannot change or update anything on it then you can even do so. All this is done using the profile settings and this helps in setting up a good medium of communication between computer users and the owner of blog.

WordPress is close to 90% amenable as per the industry standards mainly to the Universal Coordinated Time or UTC. This gives WordPress a complete flexibility with other platforms. Another advantage of compatibility with UTC is that it allows correct storage of items related to time in the database thus making tracking of entries easily and quick. This means that when you post anything you get to know when you post it irrespective of the time zone you are in.
Installing WordPress is simpler and the complete installation setup takes even less than 5 minutes. Even the up-gradation process is completely error free and user friendly this means you can upgrade your WordPress version without any technical help.

Wondering does WordPress make money? Let me tell you, it does. You can easily make money using various features available in WordPress. If you want to do blogging with an aim to earn money then you surely need to have an attractive and catchy blog. You also need to upgrade pages quickly and on regular intervals so that your blog ranks in the top few search result pages. WordPress fortunately provides you with all the features and tools that you require for fast blog updating. With WordPress you can enjoy as well as earn. You can use WordPress to help you earn money so you practically do not need to spend time and money building your own website. You can simply build a website using WordPress and earn money. You can put high quality products for sale on it or can earn by PPC or Pay per Click method.

Have you ever wondered how online web sites generate money? It is by making people visit them. If like them you also want to make money then build a web site using WordPress as it is much simpler and less costly but generates approximately the same amount of money.