WordPress Theme Designer

So if you are searching for a WordPress theme designer you have come to the right place.

A wordpress theme designer should have the following qualities or expertise:

1. Writing or modifying plugins

2. Designing custom templates and themes

3. Developing given PSD into a theme.

4. Loading time and seo friendly theme

5. Custom css which is cross browser friendly and compatible.

6. iPhone, iPad and Android compatible theme

7. Setting up the wordpress theme in a given server and having set of plugins which are compatible with each other.

We do the design, code the theme, install it and support it. We just need you to tell us where to begin!

Process is very simple starts from listening requirements, gathering specifications, giving and evolving ideas, sketching them into wireframes, making the designs, getting them approved and finally coding them to make it live on your server.

Our main aim for any wordpress theme is to develop and design a stylish, modern, and slick theme which reflects your brand and also has all the functionality that you requested.

Yes we do the very complex wordpress themes which have jquery, complex javascripts, and ecommerce plugins, to the simplest blogs.

We develop custom templates as per the design and keep it simple with everything manageable and editable via the admin panel.

Why WordPress?

1. One of the easiest CMS.

2. Has an active forum and large number of developers continuously working on making it better.

3. Open Source so everything is free and editable and hence developers can tweak it as per the requirements.

4. Scalable and flexible and once you think after years that your website looks old just change the theme and it again appears new.


Why Us?

1. Seasoned developers with experience of more than 4 years.

2. More than 1000 wordpress websites till date so we have a large portfolio and have taken wordpress to the next level be it shortcodes, developing plugins or developing themes.

3. We are polite, attentive, and understand English.

4. We are available for more than 16 hours a day so getting an update is very easy.

5. Available on Skype, VOIP, IMs and Email.

6. Lifetime bug free support and 90 days training support.

If the above 6 reasons aren’t enough we are affordable and do wordpress themes within your budget.