Why to choose domain face??

Integrating keyword and domain research… and improving your SEO

Domain Face is a fantastic tool I only recently discovered, that allows you to take your keyword research and seamlessly integrate it into domain research. Those experienced in keyword research will recognise that using a keyword you are targeting in your domain name will improve the organic search rankings for that keyword even before you implement any real search engine optimisation techniques.

Domain Face allows you to save time in your domain research thanks to the ability to integrate Domain Face’s information with your favourite keyword research software.

Domain Face and Keyword Research Software

IF you are a user of Bran Callen’s Niche Finder or Market Samurai, then you’re in luck. Not only can Domain Face integrate with your existing accounts in this software, but it will improve your results in niche domain exploration. For example, I’ll use the integrated functionality in the updated Niche Finder software which I’ve previously written about. When I enter a keyword into the search bar and the related keyword results are displayed, on the right hand side of the screen a few columns show the availability of the domains ending with the .com, .net and .org suffixes.

IF I want to dig a little deeper, I click on the keyword I would like to target, and Domain Face does a little more digging and comes up with alternatives that are available. For example if I clicked on the keyword ‘stamp collection’, Domain Face may return available results such as ‘mystampcollection.com’ or ‘buystampcollections.com’. Keep in mind that these are only examples I’ve made up for ease of illustration and I haven’t checked on their availability.

More reasons to use Domain Face – it’s free

Another awesome function of Domain Face is the ability to see not just what domains are available now, but also what domain names will become available in the near future. That is, you are able to bid on domains you want through Domain Face automatically. Nice! The best thing of all is something that I haven’t even mentioned yet I don’t think, and that is that it is free! Yes you have to create an account, and yes there are paid subscriptions, but I’m currently enjoying a free subscription which never expires.

I’m confused… what does Domain Face actually do?

Ok… it integrates with Market Samurai, Domain Samurai and Niche Finder (there may be more but I’m just not sure) so as to integrate your keyword research with domain research. If you’ve ever done a keyword search and thought… “Hmmm, that’s make a great domain name, I wonder if that’s available” then this one’s for you. You don’t have to wonder about it, the information is right there at your fingertips. No opening other software, doing web searches (which you’ll forget anyway), just use Domain Face for your domain research, conveniently with your keyword research, and achieve optimal results in your work. Domain research has never been so easy as with Domain Face.

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