Google Scholar and Targeted Website Traffic

Google Scholar is perhaps the most distinguished contribution to the global academic community from Google. Before we tell you how you can use Google Scholar to generate targeted website traffic on your website and create a real buzz, let us take a moment to tell you what Google Scholar is and how it really works.

What is Google Scholar

In late 2004, Google launched a beta version of Google Scholar. It provides you with a single source for academic information and allows you to search for peer-reviewed papers, research reports, literature reviews and much more. Google Scholar has digitized a large number of academic and professional journals and arranges results by taking into account the number of times that the item has been cited in scholarly literature, and other criteria.

The service is equipped with a unique and proprietary ranking process and sophisticated crawling techniques. Access to published materials can help you to benefit from a colossal repository of knowledge and rich scholarship. Many of the journal articles which appear in the results link directly to online versions of these articles. You can access these scholarly publications immediately online in their entirety.

Vertical Search Engine of Sorts

An example of a vertical search engine is a chemical engineering search engine which searches for information on that domain, this would be quite different from a biology search engine that presents search results and reliable information in its specific domain. Vertical search engines have a clearly defined focus and are excellent at generating highly relevant results because only relevant sources are indexed through their search matrix. Google Scholar is one such example.

What Makes Google Scholar Unique

Some of the main features of Google Scholar include:

Ease of use and user-friendly interface design

Direct access on the internet from anywhere in the world

Coverage of a wide variety of information sources

Unrestricted query structure designed to generate results with a high relevance factor

Allows for searches of documents both online as well as in library collections

Clearly tags and marks journal contributions which have free access or need subscription

Use of metasearches in which your query is sent to every resource and the result returned

Benefits of using Google Scholar

An excellent and totally free starting point for high quality academic research

Access to academic scholarship from all over the world

Access to excellent materials through related searches

Advanced-level research from the comfort of your home or office on your finger tips

Targeted Website Traffic

If you do not happen to be an academic scholar confident of submitting an article in a peer reviewed journal, the next best thing to do is to write to experts in your niche who feature in Google Scholar search results and ask them to write about your company, your niche or your USP. A link from one of these articles is worth a thousand links from garden variety search engine directories. Write to these experts in the same way in which you write to trustworthy websites for link exchange. We recommend that you consider this as an ongoing process and integrate this strategy with your link building exercise. The results will simply amaze you.