More Google Website Traffic with Google Writely

What on Earth is Writely?

Before we tell you how you can increase website traffic with Google Writely, let us understand what Writely is and the nature of its contribution to the online space. Writely is one of the more popular components of Google docs and has witnessed impressive growth during the past year. It is a totally free web-based online word processing program like Microsoft Word which is entirely offline.

Its #1 reason for popularity? It is 100% online and you can view your documents from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet. You no longer have to lug your laptop with you all the time in order to create your next Booker Prize nomination!

A Dose of Online History

Writely was developed by a US-based Silicon Valley developer named Upstartle. It was subsequently acquired by Google in 2006. It is now part of the Google Docs online application suite, which in addition, has a spreadsheet and presentation program similar to Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. Google has made several acquisitions since then in direct proportion to its increase in popularity and stupendous growth in website traffic on its many Internet properties.

A Feature Packed Online Google Application

The online application has many attractive features thus making it possible for many to use it with virtually no training:

  • Share documents and work with others in a real time environment

  • Documents are stored online so you can edit them from any computer

  • Free to use as are most Google products

  • Easy to use with a minimal learning curve

  • Clean and uncluttered user interface with a familiar desktop look and feel

  • No complicated downloads because your Internet browser is all you need to use Writely

  • Permit access only to those you wish by managing the document’s access settings

  • Secure online storage which may be even more secure than your own PC

  • Data saved every ten seconds thus protecting your document from a computer crash at all times

And there is more!

These documents are created within the application, imported through the web, or by email. They can also be saved to your hard disk drive in a variety of formats. Documents are automatically saved on Google servers in a secure environment.

Open documents are automatically saved to prevent data loss, and a revision history is generated. Your documents can be tagged and archived for organizational purposes. The application supports a number of document standards and conforms to the ISO standard Open Document format. It supports document formats such as .doc and .xls. Writely allows the uploading and sharing of PDF files as well.

Up and Running in Five Minutes

In the Writely menus, keyboard shortcuts and dialogue boxes appear in a manner similar to what users may expect in a GUI-driven word processor. So you won’t be spending time in learning a whole lot of new things. Writely is no longer an independent product. It is used in conjunction with a spreadsheet and presentation suite called
Google Docs.

Benefits Galore

  • Easy to learn as it uses existing features of word processing programs

  • Ability to save your document on your PC as well as in addition to Google’s servers

  • Allows restricted use of data by privacy definitions which you control

  • Multiple users can use documents from different locations in real-time to collaborate on writing projects

  • Fully integrates with spreadsheet and presentation applications within Google Docs

  • Allows you to use your existing .doc, .xls and .pdf files

Increasing Website Traffic with Google Writely

There are many creative ways in which you can use Google Docs to write, create and collaborate. In order to use Google Writely as a genuine web traffic booster, create a comprehensive, easy-to-read and informative article about your niche with specific reference to your website and set its privacy setting as a public document. Google just might index this document for you and bless you with a valuable back link. This will contribute to your ongoing link building exercise. You can also develop another version of this document and upload it to Google Pages which is patterned after Geo Cities and provides free web space to Internet users. The speed with which Google indexes content featured on Google Pages is impressive and links featured on Google Pages tend to appear as legitimate back links in a live link search.