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10 Steps To Adult Web Site Business Profitability

I thought to write this because of the hundreds of calls I receive at AWT every week regarding horror stories of prospective webmasters spending thousands of dollars to Start A Money Making Website Adult Business. The reason their calling me is for me to somehow perform a miracle making them money after they spent thousands of dollars on an Adult Turnkey Website Business that will never make money. Basically they fell victim to ridiculous financial promises that were very unrealistic and could never occur in a million years. This is the typical garbage that some Turnkey Adult Website Companies spit out to make it sound as if it is so easy to make a million dollars overnight in this industry. The good news is there is good money to be made in the Adult Turnkey Website Business but you need to partner with the correct people that are knowledgeable and resourceful.

10 Steps That Are Most Important In Starting An Adult Website Business Empire

I know this from firsthand experience. I am not some writer who is writing about the Adult Website Design market; I am an Adult Website Company owner writing about the best way to make money by owning your own Website Adult Business.

Niche Markets – Don’t target the typical blonde haired blue eyed girls – no mega sites that have 10 different types of content or Adult Website Design Companies that claim that their websites have just shemales when they actually have all types of content in the members section. People are passionate about their own niche market they enjoy. They get pissed when they see other types of content in the members section of the so called niche specific Adult Turnkey Websites.

Keep the Adult Website simplified – Easy navigation. Don’t have clutter on your website or too much happening or moving at once on the website for it turns prospective business off. Adult Turnkey Websites such as this are horrible to the eye and turn people off. There are many studies that show this and they all can’t be lying.

Your Adult Website Business must have High Definition content or as close to HD as possible. HD = more sign ups. You must also have at least 5 teaser high definition quality video clips to increase conversion to full sign ups. Most companies offer nothing on their Adult Websites and this is a huge mistake.

You must use Affiliate Website Programs that bring in extra revenue for your website. Make them as niche specific as possible. We like to use scam free affiliate programs such as cams, personals, toys, video on demand. There are too many to mention but I think you get the point. Again our goal is to make these affiliate website programs as niche specific as possible to match the niche theme of the entire Adult Web Site Business.

Marketing – Do your homework and research, research and research. Don’t depend on a marketing company to do all this work for you. The Adult Website is yours not theirs so please get educated in the field. You need to take responsibility for the marketing of your own website. Don’t ever think that the marketing company that you hire is going to be able to perform all the marketing on its own. If you owned any other business; I am sure you would get very involved in it. If you want to make money with your Adult Web Site Business you need to treat this as any other type of business.

Low Cost Low Risk – Adult Website Businesses should not cost what most adult design companies charge. Most of you are new to the business so why jump into some foreign business, spending all your money upfront? Owning your own adult web site business is not gambling; it is long-term business. You have to keep your start up costs low or you will fail miserably. Watch out for hidden costs, such as hosting that adds up quickly. One thing people don’t consider is how easy it is for a Website Design Company to increase your hosting fee after only a few months in business. Some charge – 0 a month per site for hosting when you purchase your website and then about 3 or 4 months later tell you that you are using too much bandwidth and double your hosting fee. The first year in business has to come with FREE hosting or I would stay away from the web design company. Keep your money for smart marketing. This is an efficient way to use your money. Do your homework on this long-term business endeavor so you don’t waste your hard earned marketing money.

Watch Out For Sharks – If you take the bait they will pounce on you with horrible Website Adult Design and extremely high prices. When companies make claims such as “As Seen On TV” or as being a member of the chamber of commerce you need to run like hell. This is the adult website business and you don’t get on television for owning one. Also, All you have to do to be listed with the Chamber of Commerce is to have a business and pay the dues. Also, don’t buy into these crazy Testimonials about how the guy has saved their marriage and family. WOW!!! Watch Profit Charts. ,000 profit in your 4th month in the adult web site business from 1 site?? So if I purchase 100 sites from the design companies that claim this I will be making 0,000.00 in my 4th month in business?? At this rate I would make more than 5 Million dollars in my 1st year in business!!! PEOPLE ACTUALLY FALL FOR THESE PROMISES. DON’T BE A VICTIM!! GET EDUCATED!! GET EMPOWERED!! Check out the watchdog agencies for the industry such as scam.com, ripoffreport.com. Also go to google and type in the owner of the businesses name, the business name. Also type in the owner’s name with scam or ripoff after the name. For Example: Jones scam or Teletar SCAM. These are just phrases that come to mind at the moment not actual companies. It is your hard earned money. Don’t waste it.

Partner with Internet content companies. Don’t buy an Adult Website Business that comes with content that you supposedly own. You are getting shitty content. You want good High Definition quality content by partnering with content companies. I can send you a list of them if you desire. Just hit me up on email. The majority of our competition uses live feeds as content. This is megasite content which is not what the average person is looking for. Point is if you don’t partner with the content companies you will have to become one to compete and that is very expensive.

Updates of Content – Partnering with content companies will assure you that your content will be updated often. With our Adult Website Design Business this is what we do. We and the content companies have a vested interest in you making money. We make more money when we assist you in making more. If content companies and design companies do not have a vested interest in you making money why would they update the content for you?? The answer is simple for they wouldn’t and so they don’t. Do you know how expensive updating content is? If I was not making money by updating your content why would I waste my time doing it? I wouldn’t. If you purchase an Adult Website Business with content the Adult Design Company manages you will not get your content updated for you. The content will be old and will only get older because the design company has no interest in updating it. When you partner with content companies the content company only makes money by updating your content. This partnering with content companies is our website design business model and as far as we know it is the only model that works. We would not steer you in the wrong direction.

Don’t bet the farm on one Adult Website Business. This is an investment in your future; not a job. You are investing your hard earned money. If you were to invest in the stock market it is better to invest in mutual funds than it is to invest in one stock and bet the farm on it. That stock comes with tremendous risk whereas the mutual fund tremendously reduces that risk. The point here is don’t invest your hard earned money in one revenue stream when you can invest it in possibly 10. We do just that for all clients and the others should also otherwise they are just setting you up to fail miserably.

Just like in any other business, Keep costs and risk low. Get into niche specific markets with your adult website business. Don’t be foolish and take on high risk and waste all your hard earned money believing ridiculous claims of tremendous wealth. There is very good money to be made in this Adult Website Business Industry but only when you do your homework and partner with knowledgeable business people in the field. In the Adult Turnkey Website Business as in any other business you need to diversify your portfolio for risk and maximum return on investment. Profit with your own Adult Website Business when you do your research on the industry and realize that real business takes time. Good Luck and Be Careful!! Some sharks are in the water in every industry.