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Like buying and selling of house and lots, buying domains are truly very easy to muster. If you’ve got a knack for choosing good domain names and you’re lucky then knowing how to buy domains is not a problem for you. Simply register the name and you are on your way! If you are not lucky then you just need to spend a little time researching what people are looking for. Obviously your domain name should explain to the end user what your company is about. You should also try to think about keywords. If someone were to “google” the products or services you offer, what words would they use? See if you can incorporate one or more of these into your name. Try not to pick “cutesy” twists on words or spellings. More often than not these just get overlooked. What are the marketing needs of your company? Do you have a trademark? Do you have one top selling item? Are you targeting a select audience or do you want a more general audience?
Try searching for the same type of business or products? What are other similar companies using for their domain names?

Sometimes buyers and sellers of domain names visit domain name auctions. First you would bid on the names that you think are going to be profitable in your market. Generic names like food, market, TV and books have mostly all been reserved in the.com domains. However, you can sometimes still get these generic domain names in the.net,.edu, etc. In any domain name auction, these are usually the best selling domains. They are the almost always the most-coveted domain names. You can try to bid on one of these if you have the $ $ to do so.

You can usually also come up with your own profitable domain name. Sit down with paper and pencil or your computer and word processor and just brainstorm ideas about your company and products. Make a list of anything that comes to mind. Don’t worry about if it fits or not just add it to the list. When you have put down everything you can think of start going through and taking off anything that doesn’t make sense or is too long. If the idea is too specific then mark it off your list. You might use words from several different ideas you wrote down to put together as one domain name.

While your domain name is important don’t get too “stuck” here. If you are offering a good product and you market it, people will come and buy regardless of your name. Spend a little time to think of a good long-term name but don’t “over-worry” it. You should be able to have a name picked within an hour of starting.

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