What is White Hat Seo??

“White Hat” broadly (but not entirely) reflects the almost-consensus within “White Hat” Internet forums

White Hats take an ethical approach: considering all the Internet stakeholders, not just the self and the client.
White Hats do not accept ‘shades of grey’ – SEO is clean and honest. Or not. Black Hat is a term of convenience for anyone who is not ‘White Hat’.

White Hats make no attempt to deceive search engines; what you see is what you get.

White Hats favour honesty with client about techniques, risks, rewards.

White Hats see search engines as friends; you want their help, you adhere to their guidelines; a simple trade off.

White Hats see on-site measures as helping visitors, as well as SEs; a better site self-SEOs, plus converts more customers, and gets repeat visits.

White Hats emphasize the long term nature of successful SEO; inexorable progress, without looking over the shoulder.

White Hats understand that ‘Black Hat’ success must harm sites displaced by spam sites, and therefore is potentially illegal.

White Hats believe that if ‘Black Hats’ used their skills and experience honestly, they’d probably be more successful than constantly rethinking strategy.

White Hats condemn those who support, conceal, or apologize for Black Hats, who harm the industry.

For White Hats, it’s all about intention.