White Hat Seo Techniques

White Hat SEO techniques are those techniques used to build and promote a website which are above board, honest and right, play within the rules and try to follow all the search engine guidelines.

Google ranks pages on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the highest.

So its not just about the amount of links it’s also about the importance of those links – you could get hundreds of links on zero or low ranked pages, which have content that has no relation to your keywords, this may help your website crawl up search engine result pages for some keywords, but you could achieve a much better result with just a handful of high quality links on websites which are related to yours.

Website Promotion – The First Step:

You don’t need to submit your website to any of the main search engines or the bulk of the other search engines.. Because it’s just a waste of time, if your website has a handful of incoming links from other websites then any search engine will naturally index your site after finding it from these links. However you can get indexed in search engines within 24 hours! Yes that’s correct.
1 Link on any page ranked 5 or more – spidered and indexed within 24 hours.
2 links on any page ranked 4 or more – 48 hours.
4 Links on any page ranked 3 or more – 96 hours.

White Hat SEO Techniques:

Using White Hat SEO techniques to get ranked in SERPS involves :
1) Building a website with unique content and images.
2) Trading links fairly.
3) Getting your website listed in directories or on other websites with related content.

Let us see the techniques in detail.

1) Building a website with unique content and images.
Unique content is content found only on one website, the bigger your website is (the more unique content you have), then the higher it will rank in SERPS and the more traffic you will get because you have many text keywords which can match search engine queries. You will also naturally have many internal hyperlinking keywords.

2) Trading links fairly.
This means making your link exchange with other websites that have the same or a similar theme to yours. It also involves regularly checking the links to ensure both parties are adhering to the deal and that the site you are trading with is not cheating on reciprocal links.
Cheating on reciprocal links can mean making a lowly link exchange into a lucrative one-way link. There are a number of ways Black Hat webmasters use to do this. White Hat webmasters should also be aware of these techniques as they are more than likely being used against them.

3) Getting your website listed in directories or on other websites with related content.
Getting other websites to link to you, without you reciprocating the link is much more important. You can submit your link to your signature in forums, directories which don’t cheat you, your friends’ websites, Obviously if you have stuff which is free, or funny or entertaining, or your website is very useful or informative then other surfers may link to your site.

Using white hat SEO does not involve buying links of any form. Buying links is now considered by Google as a violation of their guidelines and an attempt to manipulate SERPS. So basically this means that if you buy any links at all which are HTML links direct to your website then you are in violation of Googles guidelines.

Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such. This can be done in several ways, such as: Adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the tag..