Discover how Micro Niche Finder helps you make more money from your web traffic

Whether you’re new to Search engine optimization and Internet Marketing in general, or you’re an skilled professional in the field ,you understand that researching your keywords should be one of the basic tasks you do on any venture.

In web marketing, picking the right keyword phrases for your website is vital to the speed at which you can get your website making money. Websites that have high rankings in Google for the right keywords can amount to thousands of dollars of profit each year.
One of the initial things you’ll notice about Micro Niche Finder, is how user-friendly it is. Dissimilar to some programs that take some time to understand, Micro Niche Finder’s interface is straightforward to use and seems natural and also incredibly intuitive.

There’s no need to set-up documents, folders or projects – you only have to type in the keywords you’re researching and – voila – you’ve got all that you need in a couple of minutes! This is very handy much later when you want to go over the data once more – you don’t have to open any saved documents (or try to remember where exactly you’ve saved them away, or worse, if you even did save them). The “Manage Searches” feature saves the history of everything you did, so you can easily load up them at a later time.

Nevertheless, I anticipate your thinking ok why is Micro Niche Finder dissimilar than any other Keyword Tool out there?

Now I use Market Samurai as well as Micro Niche Finder and I’ve gota say, if you’re after huge amounts of information about your keywords then do have a look at Market Samurai.

Nonetheless, one of the biggest benefits for me with Micro Niche Finder is that I can get the facts that I want to run a cost-effective seo campaign in quite literally minutes; disclosure: this may vary every now and then, clearly, all results can change, it can be tens of minutes;)

An illustration of Micro Niche Finder’s ease of use is clearly demonstrated in its SOC (Strength Of Competition) metric. Now I know your probably thinking, what the hell is SOC.

SOC is a value, a visual guide for keywords that just happens to be incredibly accurate in my experience, partly due to its data sources emerging from Google’s search engine.

SOC uses a color-coding representation (green, amber and red) that alerts you straight away if a specific keyword phrase is worth wirting some content for. Time is always something I don’t have much off so this is a real benefit for me.

Now we have all had times of total ‘blank brain syndrome’ when we’re on the lookout for different niches dive into. One thing that’s helped yours truly out in the past though is the Hot Topics and Brainstorming functions of Micro Niche Finder.

Hot Topics is a swift way of showing you what’s the buzz on Google at the moment which is also extremely effective to pick up on new up-and-coming trends.

This can be especially helpful if you’re already an reputable affiliate marketer as it will allow you to see the common trends.

The other one is Brainstorm. Can’t think of ideas? Then select this button and Micro Niche Finder will come up with hundreds of keywords, grouped based on their “Strength of Competition” – it’s like having a bunch of Search engine optimization experts at your beck and call.

Though predominantly an SEO tool as opposed to PPC (well that’s how I treat it at least) Micro Niche Finder is an remarkable tool to help you locate and make the most of those often missed areas of opportunity inside your market.

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