Wordtracker is a professional tool for doing keyword research. Wordtracker helps you compile a list of relevant keywords for your website and shows you what people are actually searching for.When you enter a keyword in Wordtracker two major search engines will be searched for this term, then 200 related websites will be visited to extract a list of 300 keywords.

You then ask the Wordtracker database with over 300 million stored Web searches whether the suggested keywords are searched for in search engines. With Wordtracker you do not need to guess what people actually type into search engines but will be presented with real world examples of Web searches.

The Wordtracker database is constantly updated with Web searches to ensure up to date results for optimizing your website with relevant keywords. Wordtracker is a commercial tool used by professional search engine optimizers and webmasters to increase website traffic. You can take a free trial to test the powerful Wordtracker features before subscribing to the services offered. A one week subscription for example currently costs $25.87 / £14 which should suffice for small to medium websites for doing effective keyword research. Compared to prices charged by search engine optimizers Wordtracker is an economical alternative.

Wordtracker enables software devolpers to integrate the keyword database and all advanced keyword suggestion tools into websites via the Wordtracker Web Services API. The services offered include: get thesaurus keyphrases, get exact phrase popularity, get total searches, query balance, and others.

Webmasters, especially those running websites related to Internet marketing and search engine optimization, can benefit from the Wordtracker affilate program to generate income without any cost or obligation.