20 Social Media Tips

1. Spend at least as much time listening as you do broadcasting.

2. It’s called “social media” for a reason. Be prepared to interact consistently.

3. You can’t win the game focusing on the scoreboard. Focus on the game of engagement and the traffic will come.

4. Losing followers is okay, measure the engagement level of who is still here to see how you are doing.

5. Have a goal, measure results, measurement provides feedback and improvement.

6. The internet has always been about helping people connect to people (@nickusborne)

7. Pay it forward. Help, teach. guide and be patient with people new to the scene. [Tweet This Tip]

8. Study people who are credible with the type of clients you want to attract. Model their strategy.

9. Marketers aren’t always synonymous with community builders, traffic and followers isn’t always equal to credibility.

10. If you’re an old school e-mail marketer or pitch artist, there’s some habits you will need to unlearn.

11. Before you start your campaign define your market and their pains.

12. Everyone and every company gets off message once in a while. Refocus and learn from it.

13. Leaders of large “Tribes” need to have thick skin and a tolerance for noise.

14. Continually tweak and update your Linkedin profile, your network will be notified.

15. Social media is changing so quickly that if you stop too long to smell the roses you’ll be out of touch.

16. Try a new platform each month, video blogging, FaceBook, tumblr etc. Curiosity can lead to great discoveries.

17. You can’t make a robot network for you at a party, why do you think they can do it for you on the web?

18. Some un-follows are strategic. People want to know if you’re really listening.

19. You can’t please everyone. But know who you are trying to connect with. Get in sync with your audience.

20. http://www.ping.fm updates FaceBook, Brightkite, Twitter, tumblr and Linkedin statuses all at once.